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Strategic Partners

Ganjineh Company

PAYAM HANAN works with GANJINEH in presenting standard wood equipment used in libraries. PH-GC consortium provides all libraries across the country with library equipment and services.

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Payam Mashreq Company

PAYAM HANAN and PAYAM MASHREQ signed a consortium contract to develop a program called Nika (Unified Software for Managing Physical and Digital Libraries) and informed the librarian community of formation of such a consortium.

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Fanavaran-e-Ghaem Company

FANAVARAN-e-GHAEM works with PAYAM HANAN in organizing records, archives, and documentations. The company has many successful experiences resulting in customer satisfaction in this area.

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Payam-e-Farda Company

PAYAM-e-FARDA works with PAYAM HANAN in selling of security systems and provision of after-sales services. We are committed to production of the best quality anti-theft system and ongoing development in such systems.

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Homa-ye-Mehr Company

PAYAM HANAN and HOMA-ye-MEHR signed an agreement to improve their scientific and professional capabilities, enhance their abilities, and create wealth for both parties by developing exporting infrastructures for knowledge-based products.

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