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Book Sterilizer

Book Sterilizer

Book Sterilizer
Perfect for use in libraries,schools and daycare centers

Sterilize up to 150 books at once
Short process time to 30 seconds.
99.9% effective sterilization against pathogenic bacteria

Special Quiet Design
Designed for low noise output
Noise levels below 40db, perfect for libraries

Dust Removal
Removable dist filter on the back of the unit
Dust is removed from books with high air pressure

Compact Design
Unit requires little space
Multiple units can be used at once

Sterilization of books
Maximum book lenghth is 50 cm
All parts of the book are sterilized

Up to 150 books at once
Approximately 30 seconds process time
Slurdy interior hanger design
A total of 45w of UV rays

Sterilization Science
UV lamps are positioned to provide maximum sterilization as if direct sunlight were shining down on the books
Books are sterilized efficiently
All varieties of books can be sterilized,including thick children's books
Lab testing certification in China


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