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Our Story

Our Story

Initially launched by three people a quindecennial ago, Payam Hanan today provides the most comprehensive collection of library software and hardware based on a profound vision and a careful decision to cover all you need in a library.

By employing innovative ideas through the development of IT in libraries, archives, and records, PAYAM HANAN attempts to develop the business of users as its trade partners. Several years of experience in working with librarians as our highly knowledgeable consultants has enabled us to overcome obstacles in our path toward further progress.

Over the past few years, PAYAM HANAN has become self-sufficient by relying on innovations in producing a large portion of library equipment, and by 2011 the company launched its anti-theft system at the national level. We offered this product nationwide and crossed the borders to reach customers in neighboring countries. Our experienced team relies on the expertise on librarian and libraries around the country to provide our customers across the country with the best software and hardware produced nationally.

We have learnt that growth requires offering the best to the market. Clearly, one reason that motivated us to change our previous structure and to stick to our “profound vision, careful decision” was the fact that we believed that improved quality enhances our reputation in our customers’ view.

Our management team has proved that it is possible to maintain diversity in library products while advancing toward further development and institutionalizing success as a basic principle among users, and even the company’s experts. The outcome of our performance indicates that all mechanisms in PAYAM HANAN are deeply founded on a profound vision and yet a careful decision which is the source of desirable outcomes.

Each of the key managers in the company has individually proved his or her capabilities in previous positions and even their names are now associated with good quality and reputation.

We are always by your side.

We believe that we owe our success to our human capital. In fact, in knowledge-based companies, it is the members of the organization who advance the goals and reach the top.

Our team tries to provide the PAYAM HANAN members with a friendly environment, focusing on moral values in order to help them grow, work together, achieve organizational success, and always offer the best quality services to our users.