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School Library Software

School Library Software

In order to create study spaces, students' research and acquaintance with modern educational technologies, establishment of a library and the correct use of the latest cultural technologies of the world are among the cultural requirements of these days.

For that, improving the level of knowledge of youth and teenagers is the main objective of establishing a school library.

Therefore, PAYAM HANNAN has the following steps to set up a school library:

  • Decorating library
  • Launching library software to do all library affairs
  • Classification of library resources in the context of a nationally-standardized school-based theme
  • Registering library members
  • Launching a system for searching and retrieving library resources
  • Launching circulation desk
  • Library news
  • Launching School Digital Library
  • Establishing Library Portal
  • Setting up cultural activities of reading competitions, teaching library use and more.... through the portal of the library
  • Training library staff for managing electronic school library